Without Restoration, I Would Be Dead

Dexter Patterson
Dexter Patterson

Dexter Patterson grew up an only child, surrounded by all-star sports and a passion for baseball.

When the married father of two sons wasn’t working as a utility and lift operator for Kraft, Dexter was coaching his son’s baseball and basketball teams.

But Dexter was harboring an addiction that began to unravel his life. Pot, then cocaine, then crack slowly took over his life, causing a rift with his sons, a divorce with this wife, and then the loss of his job after 20 years with Kraft.

A co-worker at Kraft referred him to Restoration Urban Ministries.

“At Restoration, I came back,” says the lithe goateed man. “It didn’t happen overnight, but today I have a new outlook and a relationship with God.”

Today, Dexter enjoys a much better relationship with his sons, who are both in college and aged 23 and 26. “I’m a dad with a different attitude. It brings tears to my eyes.”

For the last four years, Dexter has served as Restoration Urban Ministries part-time Work Coordinator. “Without Restoration Urban Ministries, I would either be in jail or be dead,” Dexter says. “I really believe in this program. I still need a lot of work, but it did save my soul and it’s helping to restore people through Jesus Christ.”