Restoration: A Place of Encouragement

Rob Woods
Rob Woods

Rob Woods has been on his own since he was 16. His mother was never around, and he was shuffled from couch to couch among family members. His turbulent childhood led him to drugs and alcohol early.

After reading about the opportunities at Restoration Urban Ministries in the newspaper one day, Rob entered the program. The 39-year-old father of three had been living in an apartment with no heat or food. “I was absolutely at the end,” he said.

“Restoration Urban Ministries has been a place of encouragement for me,” says the quiet man who has been a painter all his life. “It has allowed me to look beyond my circumstances to what is to come. Most importantly, Restoration has taught me how to believe in an invisible God. I am finally at peace with things in my life.”

Rob is now furthering his education. He’s currently enrolled at Parkland and hopes to pursue both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Organizational Development and Academic Administration from either the University of Chicago or DePaul. He sees himself in a university setting for work in his future – somewhere where he can be truly happy with his work.

“I want to set a positive example for my kids. I don’t want them to go down the same path I did,” says Rob. “Restoration Urban Ministries has been my conduit from one lifestyle to another. I’m in a good place now – a better place.”